495 Express Lanes Employer Toolkit

March 11, 2013    

You know that the Express Lanes can make your commute faster, more reliable and help you get to meetings throughout the workday. Make sure you share the way to a faster trip with your employees and colleagues.

If you are an Express Lanes user and want to spread the benefits of taking the Lanes to your company, we have the toolkit to help you. Our Employer Toolkit is easy and free and provides you with the tools you need to ensure your employees are equipped to take advantage of the Express Lanes.

On the Toolkit site, you will find valuable information about the Express Lanes to share with your employees, including:

  • Intranet copy explaining how the Express Lanes work and how employees can get more information about the Express Lanes
  • Materials to share with employees such as maps, fact sheets and brochures
  • Detailed information about Express Lanes bus routes

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