You have a Guaranteed Ride Home!

July 10, 2013    


Worried Taking Transit Will Leave you Stranded?

You have a Guaranteed Ride Home!

You never know when something unexpected might happen. Whether it be personal illness, an unplanned late night at work, or an emergency, Guaranteed Ride Home offers you a ride home when you need it!

If you are a commuter in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area who uses transit, bikes, carpools, or walks to work, Commuter Connections will call you a taxi, or even order you a rental car at NO COST TO YOU, up to four times a year!

Just sign up online or call this phone number to register 1-800-745-RIDE. Let Guaranteed Ride Home ease your mind with personal commuter insurance. On call,Monday through Friday, 6a.m to 10p.m., they’re there to make sure you get home when you need to!