How Much Could You Save if You Stopped Driving?

August 31, 2021    

Did you know, on average, you can save $5960 every year by not owning a car? Start by going car-free for just one day on Car Free Day, Wednesday, September 22! Take Commuter Connections Car Free Day pledge to leave your car at home for the chance to win several great prizes, including grocery store gift cards, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, restaurant gift cards, and much more!

Benefits of going car-free on Car Free Day:

1. Helps the environment
Did you know that transportation accounts for 29% of greenhouse gases in the United States? Like the Metro and bus, public transportation produces 76% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to cars. Best of all, when you work from home or walk to work, your greenhouse gas emission contributions are cut down to zero.

2. Reduces your expenses
Owning a car is costly. Aside from the cost of the vehicle itself, gas, insurance, maintenance, depreciation, parking, and tolls quickly add up. On the bright side, walking, biking, or working from home are entirely free ways to get around and can save thousands of dollars each year.

3. Saves time
It’s no secret that driving in the D.C. Metro area can be a challenge. Getting out from behind the wheel allows you to enjoy repurposing your time that would otherwise be spent battling traffic on the road. Finally, read that book, catch up on emails, catch up on personal items, etc.

4. Avoids unnecessary stress
Traveling to work is unpredictable – traffic can easily add 30 minutes to your trip. Not driving allows you to focus on more important things in your life and avoid added stress.

5. Less driving = more exercise
One of the best ways to fit more exercise into your day is to walk or bike more, rather than driving. Giving up your car (even for just one trip!) allows you to spend more time moving your body, even if you’re only walking for a few minutes down the road.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the pledge to go car free and save time, money, and the environment on September 22! Interested in going car free but not sure where to start? Get in touch with the Towers Crescent Commuting team at