Tips for Traveling in the Winter

February 25, 2022    

Biking in Winter

Winter, where we refrain from taking a step into the winter wonderland and have the tendency to stay cozy indoors. Even though we have tendencies to bundle up and stay indoors, there are ways to mitigate when traversing through the cold climate. Some items to think about when one is preparing for the journey into the cold. The first item is gear that can be utilized to bundle up and help you stay warm in your journey, proper lighting equipment, and transit apps to help navigate your journey.

Winter Apparel

Before you start your venture outdoors, check your closet to see what you already have at your disposal when it comes to bracing for the cold weather. Essential items when venturing out in the cold consist of water-resistant winter jacket, beanie, winter gloves, compression leggings, and thermal socks etc. Make sure to bundle up and not let the cold weather deter you from enjoying your outdoor journey!

Bicycle Travel essentials

Riding your bike during the winter is achievable with the addition of key items that will aid in the rider’s safety. One of the most important items to bring along is reflective gear. Reflective gear whether it’s on your jacket or a vest will help when darkness falls earlier in the winter months. Another item that is imperative for bike riders to have is lighting equipment (light mount and red rear-facing light) to improve visibility not just for yourself, but for those around you. Something to keep in mind when biking to work, there is the option to hop on the Metro with your bike without any hassle!

Here are some external links to help with your travels:

Transit Apps

Having GPS technology in the palm of your hand is a wonderful thing to utilize on your winter journey. If you are ever in a bind, there are plenty of apps that can assist you in your trip. Navigation apps can help plan your route or help you divert to other methods of transportation if there are issues that arise.

Here are some apps (besides Google Maps and Waze) to consider downloading on your phone to benefit your commute to the office:

If you are making your first attempt, no sweat! Make sure that you are prepped and ready to venture out into the winter wonderland. Even if you are only starting out one day a week, there is no pressure to feel the need to travel in the cold weather daily. If you need assistance with planning your trips in the winter, please reach out to Towers Crescent Commuting.