Scooter Best Practices

June 8, 2022    

With the emergence of e-scooters that have filled the sidewalks. What was once known as a congested mess and is now viewed as a vital alternative transportation method. Fairfax County has recently launched an initiative to spread awareness of this new method of transportation at a low cost. The e-scooters are as simple as downloading LINKBIRD, and scanning the QR code to activate the scooter and you’re all set. Here are some best practices for riding a scooter
  • Make sure only one individual is on the scooter
  • Do not ride under the influence
  • It is preferable to wear a helmet
  • Must be 18 years old or older to ride
Here are recommended road safety guidelines to follow:
  • Follow local street and traffic laws
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way to cross
  • Ride in a bike lane when available to do so
For more information on scooter safety, please follow this helpful guide to get you acquainted with scooter safety! If you ever need to find some routes or any help with your e-scooter ride, please feel free to contact the Towers Crescent Commuting at Best, Towers Crescent Commuting