See How Far You Can Go This Biketober

September 30, 2022    

We’re celebrating Biketober the full month of October with plenty of resources to help you find more ways to commute and explore your community on two wheels. Starting Monday, October 3, and ending October 31, you’ll be able to log your trips to see who can ride the most days in a week. Don’t own a bike? That’s okay – Capital Bikeshare can help you start moving with over 5,000 bikes across the region, including e-bikes, to help you go the distance. Towerscrescent_2022_Biketober_Flyer How Do I Participate in Biketober?  Each week during the month of October you’ll receive an email with a link to a form where you can log your bike trips from the past week (Monday – Sunday). Miss an email? You can also bookmark this page to access the form when it’s time to log your trips.  Why Should I Start Biking? Biking is a great way to get to know more about where you work or live and discover nearby shops, restaurants, trails, and more. Even better, biking can save you money and improve your health. Rather than joining a gym or taking a structured workout class, biking is free or low cost and people who bike to work or as transportation are consistently shown to report the highest rates of happiness or satisfaction, compared to those who drive, take transit, or other forms of transportation. Plus, biking in the DC region can be just as fast – if not faster – than reaching your destination by car. With bike lanes, electric bikeshare options, and an extensive train network, you can get to your destination quickly.  What Biking Resources Are Available to you?  There are plenty of resources available to help you bike to work, to the grocery store, or on the trails. Each weekly email during the month of October will include helpful tips and resources to make getting to your destination by bike easy and enjoyable. Here’s a few to help you get started:  Start Biking Today!  Are you ready to start biking? It’s time to dust off your bike, find your nearest Capital Bikeshare station, plan your route, and start pedaling because Biketober begins Monday, October 3! Bookmark this page so you can log your trips each week and receive prizes all month long.  LOG YOUR TRIPS