Carpooling offers several benefits: It can dramatically cut your commute costs, reduce wear and tear on your car and alleviate the stress of driving. Toll roads and traffic in Northern Virginia can make for a hectic and expensive commute. You can use the Express Lanes on I-95 and I-395 for free to commute to work faster when you share your ride via carpooling or vanpooling.

Thanks to Commuter Connections, it is easier than ever to find carpool matches. Commuter Connections operates a regional database where commuters can submit their information and find potential carpool matches for free! Carpooling is a convenient and affordable commute option for getting around Northern Virginia. Take advantage of the HOV 3+ Lanes to ride for free when you carpool on the ExpressLanes on I-495, and I-95.  

Commuter Connections allows you to find and connect with other people using a similar route to work. They’ll even offer you $130 when you start carpooling – that’s up to $2 per day for your first 90 days!

If your employer offers a transit benefit, vanpool may be an even better option where you rent a vehicle from a company like Commute with Enterprise. Meet up with others at a Park and Ride lot before hopping on the Express Lanes for your commute. Vanpool Alliance offers hundreds of dollars to keep your cost of vanpooling low and will help you find other riders when you need them.

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